19 Nov 2012

Why We Need to Go to School ???

Why We Need to Go to School ???
My daughter asked this question in early hours of the morning.

" Can't we have afternoon school ? " Like any other child, she too hates getting up early in the morning.
Every morning, it is a big task to make her get out of the bed and get ready for the school.

I told her, I will be presenting her point of view in the next parent-teacher meeting. That made her happy enough to quicken her pace to get ready . .

Have a great day.

13 Nov 2012

Stumbled on a Nice Gift !

As I was flipping through the magazines and raiding the internet for ideas for gift for my daughter, I came across a nice website that solved my entire problem. I saw the "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" for her at http://www.flipkart.com. At this website, I could read about the book and order online. They even had an option of "pay on delivery" which suited me fine as I am a little suspicious of paying online and then getting the wrong stuff or not getting at all. .

Flipkart was really good. Frankly speaking, I never thought they will be so true to their words and will deliver the books on the third day. That is what happened !!!

My daughter loved Diary of A Wimpy Kid . .

Sweets Do Not Taste Sweet Anymore !

When I was a kid, Mother used to make homemade delicacies. . Be it Diwali or Holi, 5 to 6 days prior used to be full of activity. .Whenever you get back from school, you will see aunts from neighborhood at home and they will all be busy preparing something or other. . Worst thing will be, you are not allowed to eat anything till the D-day and we siblings will play all sorts of tricks to steal a few. Once caught, divided we will fall quickly with mama's emotional blackmail and fear of god and let out who was the culprit, although it is totally a different thing that we ALL used to be equally responsible but we used to always find a scapegoat among us . . .

Now I see my kids, they get whatever sweets they wish to and we bring it home BUT . . It never finishes. . even when they are served and asked again and again, kids do not wish for the Indian Sweets we used to crave as a kid ! 

Asked my son who is 15 this. He told me point blank, "take me to a bakery, I will tell you  which cake and pastry to buy, I don't want these sweets"  

This really made me think, has the globalization made our Indian taste buds brittle or more adventurous ?? Or it is  just a lone case in my house ??

10 Nov 2012

Gifts for My L'l One ???

Tomorrow is my girl's birthday and I have not yet decided what to present her. I can think of many thing like dresses, shoes, books or anything else . . but she already has all this.  This year, she is turning 12, just one more year to the ( magical and much dreaded by parents ) teens. I want to give a special gift and make it special for her.

After trying to explore the ideas with friends, I thought i will give a try online to search some good gift ideas !!!
Hoping to get something special here I go !

All the best to me !

2 Nov 2012

Will You Give Food for Thoughts ?

Questions, questions and questions

Kids queries sometimes seem to get on your nerves.

I ended up screaming up at my son,

" Will You Shut UP "

But after a break of five minutes and a glass of cold water, I realized that what I have done was really foolish.

Questions are the only way to satisfy the child's quest for knowledge and as a parent it is my duty to fulfill this. My  job is not to just provide nutrition for the body in the form of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but provide the food for his thoughts as well . .

So, here onward YES to all the questions kiddo !
And I do not have the answer, we will search together !!!

21 Oct 2012

Are We Fit To Be Parents ???

When I first saw this picture, the first thought that hit me was who has left this baby to sleep on top of the TV. Obviously who so ever has left him there, be it a negligent nanny or a baby sitter, or a drunk parent, the prime question pops,  is it not the responsibility of the parents to ensure the well-being of their offspring ???

Then comes a broader question. Do we really need any education for rearing our children ??? Biologically, off course not. Mother nature takes care of it.

But to raise a child with care and in an educative way, we seem to need guidance. Animals and birds also tend to their off-springs for some time before allowing them to fly away on their own. So, as a superior product of nature, it is our duty to ensure more care and show the correct path to the generations to come.

Do we need to know the child rearing tactics in a school or classroom ?
How to satisfy a child's inquisitiveness ?
If we can do all that, then and only then, we are fit to be a parent. Isn't it . . . 

19 Oct 2012

Thing of Beauty is A Joy Forever !

" A thing of beauty is a joy forever "

 - same can be said about being a parent.

Being a parent is a joy that can be understood only when you are actually up to it.

Kids are not always going to be kids. Before you blink, they would have flown to their destinations.

Time you spend with them teaching small things of life, might be best when they will look back after 20 years.  My li'l genius turns every lesson into fun by adding new aspects into it.  Like the other day while writing word " comfortable" She asked me "for what ???".

I was mum, no answer to offer, " Comfortable for what ? " I din't get that ???

After getting a box of chocolates finally, she brightened me that comfortable is broken into "Come For Table". What Fun !!!

Isn't it ??? Without realizing she had unfolded a very good way to learn new words,  by relating them to other things. Adding meaning to words, relating to them circumstances or people.

When the learning is fun, it goes deep into memory !!

Happy Learning !